By Chef Brad Kilgore, Alter and Kaido

Fallen tree

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Ingredients and method of prep

Fallen tree with heart of palm

Chef Brad Kilgore of Alter restaurant in Miami came up with a dish of the Fallen tree about 6 years ago. The main component is the heart of palm, that has been seared and shiitake and bamboo butter after being compressed and poached, and a mushroom dashi. Then you have a tree stump that is carved out of a royal trumpet mushroom and cryovaced with walnut oil and gently steamed like a confit. Under pressure it allows it to absorb that nutty flavor.

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Create the visual of a fallen tree


Smeared on the plate is a play on mud, it's a toasted union and black garlic and finish with a little bit of tomari soya sauce. And then I used other elements to create that visual of the fallen tree in the forest, like twigs made out of mushrooms, moss made of herbs, roots under the stump made out of crispy leaks. I even sprinkled a little poffed wild rice on top to look like grubs that would be crawling around in the forest. This is definitely one of my favorite plates.

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Chef Brad Kilgore about his B35

'Making the difference'

"I really understood the capabilities of the machine when the first time I put the heart of palm into it with the mushroom dashi. You could see it expanding and compressing and pulling the juice into it. I went through the same process that I had done in the past, but the final result was absolutely amazing. You could taste the difference immediately, you could see it, you could feel it. The texture was better, the flavor was better, the earthiness came out. You could tell the machine really made a difference. And that's because of the special programming and the control settings that the CombiVac sealers have. My Henkelman allows me to elevate the techniques that I have here at the restaurant."    

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Chef Brad Kilgore uses a B35 with Liquid control

Henkelman recommends

Henkelman's Boxer, Marlin and Polar series are standard equipped with CombiVac control, including marinating, tenderizing functions and so much more. Chef's Boxer 35 allows him to elevate one of his signature dishes and take it to another level.