Technical support

For technical support, Henkelman parts and warranty requests, Henkelman USA works with Heritage Parts. Read more about the procedure and how to register your vacuum sealer.

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Registration and support

Warranty registration

You must register your vacuum sealer within 30 days after purchase to qualify for warranty protection. Warranty excludes preventative maintenance and normal wear and tear of parts. Henkelman offers a 3 year warranty on parts and 1 year on labor. To register, please visit the Heritage Parts webpage by clicking the link below. Please call the Heritage Parts hotline for warranty support on 1-866-811-0035.

Register for warranty
Support hotline 1-877-592-3229

Technical Support

Do you need help diagnosing what is wrong with your equipment? Please call the hotline: 1-877-592-3229.

Once the parts are identified from Tech Support, they will direct you back to customer service for parts ordering. 


Parts hotline: 1-800-458-5593

Ordering parts

Call 1-800-458-5593 with all your requests related to parts ordering, parts quoting, part identification, returns, accounting and collection. To make it easier, you can also order your Henkelman parts online by clicking the button below.

Order parts online
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Preventative maintenance

Pump cleaning program

Problems to the pump, such as corrosion or severe pollution, and the consequences of it, are never covered under warranty. It's the customers' responsibility to watch over the condition of the pump and perform sufficient maintenance. Henkelman advises to run the pump cleaning program every 1 or 2 days. Please check chapter 7.3 of the user manual on how to do this or watch the video.

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