New Jars function!

CombiVac technology

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Standard with new Jars function

Henkelman CombiVac technology

The Henkelman CombiVac is more than a control panel. It includes unique features, special options and intelligent functions that add significant value to your packaging. Furthermore, Henkelman has developed an online configurator tool to create programs and labels:

The Lynx series are standard equipped with a CombiVac panel. And it is available as an option on Boxer and Marlin models.

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  • LCD panel
  • Software in 5 languages
  • 20 program memory
  • USB connection to upload programs
  • Standard Sensor control
  • Label printer compatibility
  • HACCP compliance
  • Secured multi-level access
  • Online programming
New and standard on the Combivac!


The Jars function is a standard function on the CombiVac panel. It is used to vacuum seal jars or food containers in seconds with only a single push of a button. Just place the jars or food container with lid in the chamber, select the Jars function and close the lid. With this function, every single jar is being sealed at a maximum end vacuum of 99.8% during a shortened cycle, since the phases of the heating of the seal bars and Soft Air are being eliminated. All these parameters are programmed in the software settings of the CombiVac control for a fast, safe and secure vacuum seal! You can also read our blog for more info.

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Standard on the CombiVac


Marinating is a standard function on the Henkelman CombiVac panel. It is used to create better marinated food products. Just put the marinated product in the vacuum chamber and start the vacuum packaging cycle. Thanks to the smart software that generates a pulsating movement of air, the structure of the product is opened. This enables the marinade to maximally penetrate the product. The marinade is being absorbed in minutes instead of hours. 

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Standard on the Combivac


Tenderizing is a standard function on the Henkelman CombiVac panel. It is used to keep the vacuum chamber under a certain level of vacuum for a period of time, with a maximum of 30 minutes. The continuous pressure difference between the cells of the product and the pressure in the chamber, will cause the cell structure to lacerate. Breaking down cell structure creates a more tender product. It is used for aero chocolate and bamboo. 

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Red meat
Standard on the CombiVac

Red meat

Red meat is a standard function on the Henkelman CombiVac panel. By means of small and fast injections of air, the Red meat function stops the degassing of the meat moisture during the seal phase. This prevents the formation of air chambers in the product. Create a significant improvement of the quality and the shelf life of red meat.

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Standard on the CombiVac

Sequential vacuum

Sequential vacuum is a standard function on the Henkelman CombiVac. Use this function to make sure all trapped air is extracted from the food product. With Sequential vacuum the air is extracted, the cycle is paused, the air is extracted again, the cycle is paused again, and so on. Up to a maximum of 5 steps. Especially suitable for products that contain a lot of air, like pate, mousse and cheese.

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Available on multiple series

Henkelman recommends

The Henkelman CombiVac panel is standard on the Boxer, Marlin and Polar series. Our recommendations.

Operation videos

More standard features

Henkelman's CombiVac control system enables you to set the customer's name in the LCD panel, define 20 personalized programs and product name entry for labels. The following videos show you how to do this, how to upload the programs onto the machine and how to import and export data for HACCP logging. 

Go to the online CombiVac configurator to create your own programs and labels.